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Featured Project of the Month: Twistee Treat

Twistee Treat

The iconic cone outside and the real ice cream inside, make Twistee Treat one of America's favorite treats. But how did they turn an ice cream cone into a building? With the help of MBSI Modular Buildings! We made these cone-shaped structures become a reality. The circular radius of the cone was a technical challenge that we were able to meet using Florida Building Code 2010. We built 600 square foot structures that are 40 feet long and 25 feet tall. Also, included in the ice cream cone building are men's and women's restrooms. Even with all of these special dimensions and aspects, Twistee Treat Restaurants are completed and ready to open within 90 days.

Twistee Treat Restaurants are completed and open within 90 days. The circular radius of the cone was a technical challenge that we were able to meet. We use Florida Building Code 2010 and build a 600 square foot structure that is 40 feet long and 25 feet tall. Included in the building are men's and women's restrooms. Poured concrete floors are done at our manufacturing facility in Winter Garden, Florida. The structure is railed into place onto a foundation with specialized rolling tracks. Then, the site work and utility connections are completed, the kitchen and restaurant supply amenities are added including the full walk in cooler and Taylor ice soft ice cream server machines as well as local inspections and certificate of occupancy are approved.

Onsite finishes include stucco and custom paint which create a permanent appeal. The exterior lighting involved a variety of styles such as fiber optic on the ice cream cap, recessed can lights in the cone, LED lights over the walk up counter and an exterior wall mount halogen for security. It is these final touches that make the Twistee Treat ice cream cone building known among residents and visitors of Florida.

How is MBSI able to do this? Commercial modular construction is an accelerated form of construction that provides quality buildings in a reduced time frame. They are constructed in a factory controlled environment and shipped to the site where they are installed on footings or slabs and finished. These types of buildings can be delivered in as little as half the time of site built construction. The advances in technology, materials and transportation enable us to engineer and deliver permanent or temporary solutions. Commercial modular structures are built to the same international, state, and local building codes as their site-built counterparts and typically result in a higher quality building as a result of the factory controlled environment in which they are built.

We offer a variety of building types including commercial and sales centers, educational facilities, places of worship, and more. We have many buildings in inventory and that are ready for modification and delivery. Let's not forget that you will have the ability to custom build to any of your specifications just like the Twistee Treat structure. We look forward to bringing you the solutions you need to complete your project in a quick and cost effective manner. Please contact us with your project ideas today!