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The panelized construction process

Wall panels, floor panels, and roof panels are built in a factory environment with structural steel framing, delivered to the site, and then assembled on permanent foundations. Panelized construction provides additional design flexibility, unlimited building sizes and enables MBSI to ship buildings longer distances and overseas. Pre-engineered wall, floor, and roof sections are built from recycled steel utilizing precise cutting-edge automation. Sections are marked with codes, shipped to the building site, and assembled, resulting in a building being enclosed and weather-tight in a very short period of time.

The wall sections include insulation, exterior sheathing, vapor barrier, and interior drywall with pre-fabricated window & door openings. Exterior siding options include Hardy Panel and impact-resistant vinyl lap siding, and fiberock.

Our system is available in two thicknesses - 4” R-28 or 6” R-42 thickness of high-density polyurethane or polystyrene foam for maximum energy efficiency. The panels emit no chemical substances into the air. The MBSI Building System was specifically designed with “build time” in mind. A four-man crew can erect 50-60 lineal feet per hour, or the equivalent of 1,080 concrete blocks.

By utilizing the MBSI Building System, our customers save 30-50% in heating and cooling costs. This reduces the monthly housing expense, and allows the buyer to qualify for a higher mortgage loan by reducing debt-to-income ratios. Buyers have lowered their debt to income ratios by as much as 5% when purchasing a building constructed by MBSI.

Engineered to withstand the winds of a Category 5 hurricane, the strength, speed of assembly, and ability to use existing labor after a few short days of training, make MBSI Panelized Construction an excellent solution for hurricane prone areas.