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How They're Built

Modular and Pre-engineered Steel Construction

Commercial modular construction is an accelerated form of construction that provides quality buildings in a reduced time frame.

Buildings are constructed in a factory-controlled environment and shipped to the site where they are installed on footings or slabs, and then finished. Buildings can be delivered in as little as half the time of site-built construction. Advances in technology, materials, and transportation enable modular manufacturers to engineer and deliver permanent or temporary, single or multi-story solutions ranging from 1000 sq. ft to 100,000 sq. ft.

Modular buildings - classrooms and gymnasiumsModular building medical facilitiesChurches, Synagogues, Cathedrals

Commercial modular structures are built to the same international, state, and local building codes as their site-built counterparts and typically result in a higher quality as a result of the factory controlled environment in which they are built.

Pre-engineered building integrated with modular buildingsPre-engineered steel construction is used when high ceilings are required for buildings such as gymnasiums churches, sancuaries, etc. Pre-engineered buildings are integrated with modular buildings resulting in a remarkable, cost effective solution for multifaceted buildings.

Modular and pre-engineered steel buildings offer owners increased flexibility not only in the application of the building, but also in the acquisition itself. Owners can utilize capital or operational budgets through outright purchases and leasing programs.

More purchasers are turning to modular construction because of its relocation ability. In many cases, an owner is in the process of looking for a permanent site, but needs a building immediately. Modular buildings can be placed at a temporary location and moved to the permanent site at a later date.

These projects typically deliver finished buildings in about half the time of a site-built project and owners can have the traditional finishes they have come to expect from site-built construction. The key advantages, however, are the speed to occupancy, relocatability, and cost effectiveness.

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