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Contracting Services

MBSI offers turnkey services for projects

Completing projects on schedule and within budget are challenges for even the most seasoned professional. Many clients desire to be part of the project management process but don't have the experience to efficiently get a project to completion without professional help. You don't have to be the project manager!

As a certified building contractor, MBSI can take you from start to finish ensuring a seamless job with responsibilities firmly defined at the beginning of the project. You select only the services you need based on the project requirements. Services can be part of the base contract or added at any time.

MBSI maintains long-standing relationships with vendors and utilizes local community resources whenever possible.

    A partial list of services includes:
  • Engineering services, civil & building;
  • Zoning approval and building permitting;
  • Utility installation and connection;
  • Sitework, excavation, fill, grading, and stormwater design;
  • Parking lot and sidewalks;
  • Landscaping & irrigation;
  • Certificate of occupancy;
  • Assistance with financing.

We carry full insurance for workman's comp. which means that you won't have a job site of workers that have signed "waivers". This protects our clients from unforeseen legal issues and mishaps due to uninsured workers.

The process from blueprint to structure completion is intense. It involves troubleshooting, numerous trades, knowledge of local codes, and expertise in navigating the permitting and approval processes. Many companies use sales people as the project manager that stop by the site every few days. Or they have no project manager on site. MBSI has a dedicated project manager, we use dumpsters, and we keep the job site clean and organized.

At the beginning, many clients think they have to be the project manager. You do not have to be the project manager! Use our services for total project management or to compliment your oversight.

If you prefer to take an active role in the project, we work with you to define roles and responsibilities to ensure the project progresses in a smooth and timely manner.