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featured projects

MBSI portfolio of construction office space at Orlando International Airport


Readily available and efficient solutions for your next on site office or sales center.

MBSI Portfolio of creative interior modular building space for education.


Designed and constructed to provide a safe place to learn and grow.

MBSI portfolio of a two story lifeguard air traffic control tower


Integrated service and sustainable products for your next community dwelling.

MBSI portfolio piece for modular buildings in the healthcare industry at Shands in Gainesville FL


“Care”fully designed and produced with both the professional and patient experience in mind.


Unique and affordable solutions for your growing business needs.

MBSI portfolio image of a modular buildings interior commercial cafe' space


Accommodating and flexible spaces to enhance employee and guest encounters.

integrated service

Our design build process will make your next modular building project as easy as requesting a quote.

solutions for education

Find out how the MBSI team is providing modular building solutions for the educators and students during the COVID19 pandemic. 

diversity certifications

Meet our amazing women owned and operated team and find out more about our mission to support small business and women in construction and the modular building industry.