Celebrating a Tradition of Excellence

Modular Building Systems International (MBSI) is an innovative and creative Central Florida construction company. Based in Central Florida for over seventeen years, we have completed projects all over the southeastern United States. From building K-12 schools in Florida to administrative offices in Louisiana, and Churches in the Caribbean we have the solutions to surpass your needs.

MBSI is committed to educating the public on the benefits of modular construction as it compares to traditional construction. Through new technologies and the possibilities available only to offsite, component construction projects, we are confident in our ability to deliver projects up to 40-60 times faster than traditional construction so you are able to increase your bottom line. And since our buildings are built in a controlled environment there are no rain delays or theft that are all too common in traditional construction projects.

A Central Florida Construction Company

Our Founder

Patricia Berk

Founded in 2000 as a family-owned Central Florida construction company, founder Patricia Berk took sole control of Modular Building Systems International in 2014. Then, MBSI became certified as a Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE), a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), and a Local Disadvantaged Business (LDB). As a licensed building contractor in Florida and Louisiana with over 25 years of experience in the modular building industry, Patricia has the knowledge to deliver and the vision to conceptualize your ideas.


To exceed client expectations through honest communication, quality construction, and sensitivity to the environment, while fostering a safe, creative, and ethical workplace that provides unlimited opportunities.

At MBSI, giving back is in our nature. That’s why we always use our profits to support the causes we are passionate about, from fighting poverty to building dog parks for rescued animals... Community is top of mind.


MBSI will continue to lead the Modular Building and Component Construction industry with quality projects by educating the marketplace and offering our clients energy-efficient, environmentally sound, and cost-effective buildings that utilize products free from harmful materials.

MBSI will be the best Central Florida construction company it can be, and also provide Southeast (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, and Texas) markets with quality construction that is built to last because of the proper maintenance and attention we provide on our fleets.

MBSI will ensure that we lead the modular industry by providing not only the best service but also the most upgraded and stylish solutions that fit your needs. With MBSI you don’t just get a standard portable building, you get a Modular Experience outfitted with double wide doors, acoustic ceilings, and upgraded hardware, all while being able to withstand up to 180 MPH winds.

Build for Excellence

MBSI is continually striving to make improvements in the way we design and construct our prefabs, manage our projects, and service our clients. Therefore, we are constantly researching new products and software to aid us in bringing our clients vision to life.

Build for Safety

MBSI’s commitment to safety starts before the job begins and continues through the entire cycle of the building project. Most accidents are preventable. So through continued training, job site planning, and constant vigilance, Modular Building Systems International empowers our teammates, vendors, and sub-contractors to stay safe.

Build for Community

We believe by supporting your community, your community will return the same support back to you. Our heart is in community service, children in need, and local pet shelters, those most vulnerable and defenseless.

Our Certifications

central florida construction kitchen

  • WBE (State of Florida) (State of Louisiana)
  • WBENC (Women Business Enterprise National Council)
  • WOSME (Women-Owned Small Business Enterprise)
  • DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise)
  • LDB (Local Developing Business)
  • Florida Licensed Building Contractor
  • Louisiana Licensed Specialty Contractor
  • SBE (Small Business Enterprise)