UF Shands Modular Medical Building MRI Center

UF Health Shands Modular Medical Building – Project Spotlight

MBSI was hired by Construction Technology Group (CTG) to complete the modular medical building for UF Health Shands Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. In a project that required a keen eye for care and detail, we met both aesthetic and complex demands effectively. The building now serves as an extension of the hospital, providing necessary imaging services to patients of the hospital.

modular medical facility

The building itself houses MRI and CT Scan suites, patient rooms, waiting areas, and physician offices. This project introduced complex technical construction tasks. Our team had to assess factors both inside and outside of the modular units themselves such as temperature control and structural loads for the magnets. The building also required welded lead and copper lined walls.

MRI and CT Scan facilities require a thorough understanding and knowledge of safety and AHCA medical construction codes. Our team worked diligently alongside CTG and the manufacturers to ensure accurate installation. This included the use of a crane to install the MRI and CT machines through the roof before enclosing the building. It was also important to properly install RF shielding within the MRI room walls to protect the quality of MRI machine images. Within the suites, our team also installed decorative ceilings to create a tranquil environment for future patients.

At MBSI, we adhere to Federal Health and Safety guidelines and complex building codes to meet our clients’ demands. This translates to installation being completed thoroughly and with unnecessary delays. Traditional construction methods for projects like this take over a year to complete but using permanent modular construction, MBSI was able to complete this project 6 months ahead of time enabling our customer to generate an additional 6 months of revenue. 

MBSI offers both temporary and permanent solutions to your modular medical building needs. Our team is capable of providing a wide array of services for medical buildings so if you are looking for options on expanding your emergency or permanent medical facilities, contact us today.




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