Modular Building Reduces Material Waste

Thanks to conservation efforts growing exponentially, green construction practices are more popular among consumers than ever before. With roughly 40% of landfill waste coming from construction, modular building offers a solution to waste reduction and utilizes materials more efficiently. 

Ways Modular Building Reduces Waste

Not only does the off-site production of modular construction result in a higher quality product, but it can reduce waste by up to 90%. This begins with a lesser need for transportation materials such as wood pallets, shrink wrap, cardboard, etc. 

The production of modular buildings primarily takes place in a factory-setting; this means that leftover materials are more likely to be recycled for future projects, greatly reducing waste. This can also equate to savings for the project owner.

The nature of individual model production also allows for better control over external factors. Protection from moisture and other weather conditions means that there is a reduced chance of unnecessary material disposal. The risk of theft is also lower, which equates to a reduced need for replacement production.

Other green benefits of modular construction are the conservation of raw materials, reduced site disruption, and waste contamination. Thanks to a reduced need for on-site work, there is also less air pollution from vehicles and heavy equipment.

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How Modular Buildings Can Be Recycled

One key advantage of modular building is the ability to dismantle and transport units with little to no adjustments. The ability to repurpose a structure means that it can serve a variety of purposes over time, at different locations. Without the need for new building construction, this also reduces the energy needed to build. 

Traditionally, renovation projects produce a large amount of waste that is difficult to reuse. Modular buildings, however, allow room for easier modifications to existing structures while creating minimal disruptions to their surrounding area. 

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Go Green With Modular

A modular building reduces waste beginning with its initial production in a controlled environment and continues throughout its service life. They also produce a versatile and efficient structure, so going modular means you are getting the best product for both your project and the environment. 

If you are looking for a sustainable solution to your building needs, MBSI offers over 20 years of industry experience. Contact us today for an estimate. 




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