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Portable Classrooms for the Language and Literacy Center

Portable classrooms are easy, efficient, and versatile. One of our favorite aspects of what we do is having the opportunity to provide an educational environment that cultivates learning. Our products offer learning spaces that help foster unique education needs for teachers and students alike!

Recently, MBSI was the contractor of record coordinating with Everett Whitehead & Son, Inc. as the site contractor on a new project for The Language and Literacy Center located in Central Florida. As a public charter school that works with students Pre-K through 12th with special needs, we appreciated having the opportunity to serve them.

MBSI offers a wide array of modular classroom options. In this particular case, our portable classrooms will offer an active space for students and office space for school personnel. This project took 60 days to construct and was a simple process for administrators thanks to our  project manager who coordinated our on site services.

Other Types of Portable Facilities

We are able to provide essentially every school facility you may need including:

  • Restrooms
  • Cafeterias
  • Gymnasiums 
  • Administrative school offices
  • Teachers’ lounges
  • Computer labs
  • Furniture for rent or sale

Modular Buildings Offer Accessibility for All

Of course, in any school, it is vital to ensure easy accessibility for each and every student. This is why we build to the guidelines set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are five critical features that MBSI plans for when ensuring that a building is ADA compliant. 

  1. Building Access – With many modular structures elevated roughly 36 inches off the ground, adding a ramp can be necessary to ensure ease of access if a deeper foundation is not an option. MBSI is able to construct this feature as one of our ancillary services.
  2. External Considerations – Appropriate access to required ADA parking is also considered in the design of your school. This consists of sidewalks and paths leading up to the portable classroom, expanding access from parking lots to your structure.
  3. Doorways – The details in a doorway matter. Each frame is a minimum of 32 inches wide with enough clearance on either side for the door to open and shut as needed – 90 degrees is provided. Easy-to-use hardware, such as trading knobs for handles, is also installed to meet code requirements.
  4. Hallways – The ADA required a hallway that is a minimum of 36 inches in width. However, if the hallway use is usually for passing, those measurements must extend to 60 inches wide.
  5. Restrooms – MBSI incorporates several details when planning your ADA-compliant bathroom. The list will include safety and stall rails, along with the height of toilets, sinks, soap, and towel dispensers. 

If you are looking for portable classroom solutions, MBSI offers a wide range of fleet and custom options. Contact us today for an estimate!

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